The Community May Download any Form You May Need Below


To download the form simply right click on the form you need and choose the “save link as” option or the “save target as” option. You can also click the form links and it will open up in your browser to read and print. Remember where you saved the form on your computer to print it off. See description below on when you may need to print these forms.

1. Dog Bite Victim Form

2. Personal Report of Accident (SR22)

3. Witness Statement Form


When Should I Print and Use These Forms?

1. If you or a family member has been bitten by a dog, and you do not have time , or don’t want to wait for an officer to come out then you can print the form and fill it out. If you need to speak to an Officer by phone to see if you should contact the Health Department, you may do so, and use the Officer’s name on the form that you spoke with.

2. If you have been involved in an automobile accident during severe weather conditions, or at anytime an officer hasn’t been called out, you may use this form to submit to your insurance company after you have received yours and the other drivers information.

3. If you are a witness of a crime, or domestic violence incident, you may print this form and start writing your statement and when the Officer arrives you will have it ready to give that Officer to go with his report.